About Tether

Tether was founded by a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts and early adopters, passionate about facilitating the use of fiat currencies in a digital manner. In 2014, the company launched Tether.to, a blockchain-enabled platform aimed at disrupting the conventional financial system with a more modern approach to money.

A visionary approach and a pioneering spirit

As the first blockchain-enabled platform to facilitate the digital use of traditional currencies—a familiar, stable accounting unit—Tether has created a revolutionary building block that companies worldwide can use to offer democratised cross-border financial services.

With Tether tokens, customers can confidently transact with traditional currencies using blockchains as transport layers, without the volatility and complexity typically associated with a digital currency.

A growing team around the world

Tether is led and managed by a senior management team with extensive experience in financial services, technology, and compliance. Drawing on the expertise of a diverse and dynamic team spread across the globe, Tether tokens have grown from being the first to the largest stablecoin by volume today.

Our Leadership Team

Paolo Ardoino
Paolo Ardoino
Chief Executive Officer
Giancarlo Devasini
Giancarlo Devasini
Chief Financial Officer
Stuart Hoegner
Stuart Hoegner
General Counsel
Leonardo Real
Leonardo Real
Chief Compliance Officer
Claudia Lagorio
Claudia Lagorio
Chief Operating Officer

The Future of Money

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Driving the Future of Money

Tether supports and empowers growing ventures and innovation throughout the blockchain as a digital token built on multiple blockchains.

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