Minimum Tether Token acquisition or redemption amount

100,000 USD

Fee per redemption

The greater of $1,000 or 0.1%

Fee per acquisition


Verification fee

150 USD in Tether Tokens

This amount is non-refundable but can be part of your redemption. The verification fee is intended to ensure that only those who are serious about establishing an account apply. The fee also helps offset a portion of the incurred costs from the execution of a robust verification process. Tether maintains the sole discretion to approve or not approve accounts. By submitting a verification request you agree that the 150 USD₮ deposit is non-refundable. Read carefully here before proceeding.

Note: Please exercise extreme care when depositing tokens. In cases where token recovery is needed due to a deposit mistake, Tether may, in certain limited cases and in its sole discretion, attempt to assist you to recover your token(s) and will charge you fees as determined here.

Tether does not offer wallet functionality for any digital tokens. Withdrawal requests for digital tokens held by Tether are evaluated per request and can take several days to process.

The Future of Money

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Driving the Future of Money

Tether supports and empowers growing ventures and innovation throughout the blockchain as a digital token built on multiple blockchains.

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