FT Fixation Continues: Same Rehashing of Selective Old News on New Medium of Communication

by Tether | Jun 3 2022

We are unsure what has led the Financial Times to take up such an agenda with Tether, or its obscure fascination with our executives. We believe that there are more important things to report on when it comes to the state of financial innovation than the personal lives of our company’s executives who are private citizens and principals at private companies. We also find it odd that a leading global publication is still fixated on a lawsuit that has been settled and responded to countless times over the past three years when there is so much exciting innovation happening every day right before our very eyes. 

What we do know is that time and time again, Tether has proven itself to be essential to the crypto ecosystem. A trailblazer in its category, Tether was the first stablecoin, has withstood multiple black swan events in crypto, and has never refused a redemption in its history. 

Trailblazers are a special breed in business -- they have very big visions and are laser-focused on removing challenges that stand in their way. Trailblazers are pioneers, those who take risks and go on a path that isn't already there, blazing a trail and leaving a path for others. Standing at the forefront of the biggest leap forward that the financial industry has ever seen, it's often that Tether is scrutinised more than others, especially its peers and competitors. 

However, Tether remains committed to leading not only in innovative technology but also in transparency and accountability to its customers, who use stablecoin to make tens of billions of dollars in trades every day. Tether is the first among its peers to disclose the composition of its reserves and deliver public attestations without misleading the public to think they were official audits. 

Tether’s executive leadership team understands its responsibility as the market leader and fully embraces its role in helping educate the world about how stablecoin technology fits into traditional finance, and how it will reshape payments technologies and the financial infrastructure of the world in decades to come.  

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