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These brand and copy guidelines demonstrate the correct way for organizations to apply the Tether brands.


We’ve provided vector versions of our logos

Tether Logo
Tether Logo Mark
Tether Gold Logo
Tether Gold Logo Mark


Tether’s brand colours are all inspired by nature. This helps make our products feel natural, organic and connected.


Official Naming Conventions


Represents the company Tether Operations Limited.

Refers to the Official Website, where Tether tokens can be redeemed or acquired.

USD₮, EUR₮, MXN₮, CNH₮, Tether GBP, XAU₮

Crypto USD, EUR, MXN, GBP, CNH and gold. USD₮, EUR₮, MXN₮, Tether GBP and CNH₮ are issued by Tether Operations Limited. XAU₮ is issued by TG Commodities Limited. Similar to bitcoin utilizing the unicode symbol ₿, Tether tokens are represented by the unicode symbol ₮ (Tugrik sign).* *Except for Tether GBP

USDt, EURt, MXNt, CNHt, Tether GBP, XAUt

An alternative to displaying crypto USD, EUR, MXN, CNH, and gold if the unicode symbol ₮ is unavailable.* Except for *Tether GBP*

Tether System

Collectively refers to all process and technologies that enable Tether tokens to exist.

You may use Tether Operations Limited’s (“Tether(’s)”) trademarks, which include Tether’s word marks and logos (“Trademark(s)” or “Tether Trademarks”), only in compliance with these guidelines and only for lawful purposes. Except as expressly stated in these guidelines or the terms of other agreements between you and Tether, no other rights are granted to you.

The status of Tether’s Trademarks may change, and it may be necessary to revise these guidelines from time to time. You are responsible for complying with the most current version.

Tether’s Trademarks may only be used to refer to Tether tokens, Tether Gold tokens, Tether Operations Limited, and Tether’s products and services. You acknowledge that Tether is the sole owner of the Tether Trademarks. You promise that you will not interfere with Tether’s rights, including challenging Tether’s use, registration of, or application to register its Trademarks, and that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any Tether Trademarks. You may not register or use the Tether Trademarks in connection with a company name, trade name, trademark, service mark, copyright, domain name, social media account, avatar, online advertising tool (such as Google AdWords), keyword, meta data, code, telephone number or third-party product or service, or in any other way that may imply Tether’s sponsorship or endorsement. You may not use the Tether Trademarks for any phishing, malware, crowdsourcing, or other unlawful, deceptive, defamatory, false, libelous, threatening or manipulative activities. The goodwill derived from using the Tether Trademarks belongs exclusively to Tether.

Tether’s Trademarks may only be used truthfully and accurately as standalone brands (such as a logo use) or as an adjective before a noun, if appearing in text (such as TETHER tokens or XAU₮ stablecoins).

When using Tether Trademarks that incorporate designs, such as its logos, the Trademark images must be copied from materials supplied by Tether, such as those available for download above. The appearance of the Trademark logos may not be altered without Tether’s permission and the display of logo images must be clear and undistorted.

Tether reserves the right to object to any use of its Trademarks that it considers unlawful or improper, even if the use is not prohibited by these guidelines. You agree to immediately cease use of Tether’s Trademarks upon receiving notice of Tether’s objection to your use, and if applicable, you agree to assign or have transferred to Tether any infringing social media profiles/handles/accounts, trademark filings, domains, or other assets that violate these guidelines automatically upon notice by Tether. Your ability to use Tether’s Trademarks is expressly conditioned on strict compliance with these guidelines, and your right to use Tether’s Trademarks will automatically be revoked upon violation of these guidelines, irrespective of specific notice from Tether. Use thereafter will be deemed a willful infringement of Tether’s intellectual property rights. If you do not agree to these terms, do not download or use the Tether Trademarks.

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