Tether, Bitkub Exchange and Bitkub Academy Collaborate to Boost Stablecoin Education in Thailand

Bitkub announcement
by Tether | Dec 7 2023

7 December 2023 - Tether, the leader and pioneer in innovative blockchain technology, has announced today a significant collaboration with Bitkub Online Co., Ltd. (Bitkub Exchange), Thailand's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.

This strategic collaboration aims to launch a comprehensive educational program targeting the enhancement of blockchain literacy and fostering awareness regarding stablecoins, within Thailand. Together, the companies will craft educational courses, conduct awareness campaigns, introduce incentive-based learning programs, and host regular live Q&A sessions, aiming to empower Thai speakers with insights into the digital financial landscape.

Given USDt's prominence as the most traded stablecoin on the Bitkub Exchange and within Thailand, this collaboration will be essential in driving understanding within the region. It further resonates with Tether's overarching mission to facilitate easy access to educational resources that promote an understanding of blockchain-backed digital assets. Moreover, this endeavor represents an extension of their existing groundwork in Georgia and Africa. In Georgia, Tether previously collaborated with Business & Technology University (BTU), one of the country's premier institutions for business and technology education, signing an MOU aimed at promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency education in the region. In Africa, Tether has collaborated with Yellow Card, a prominent pan-African fintech and cryptocurrency exchange to raise awareness, provide education, and foster the adoption of stablecoins among students and young professionals in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. 

"We are excited about working with Bitkub to drive forward the cause of promoting blockchain literacy,” Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether expressed. “With the stablecoin market rapidly expanding in Southeast Asia, it becomes imperative for communities to comprehend the technology and its diverse applications."

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Sugrit Phutaviriya, Chief Executive Officer of Bitkub Labs Co., Ltd., stated: “Bitkub Academy is optimistically excited about the prospect of bridging large gaps in the ecosystem’s educational shortages. Bitkub Academy has been the hub of educational knowledge regarding digital assets, cryptocurrency, technology, and blockchain, with numerous initiatives to distribute access to these sets of knowledge. Having Tether, one of the world’s largest stablecoins, as a strategic contributor, we anticipate a much greater audience reach to the world of DeFi, Web3, and the entirety of the blockchain ecosystem.” 

The collaboration with Bitkub Exchange marks a significant stride in Tether's strategic emphasis on educational initiatives in Southeast Asian markets. Both entities are resolutely focused on dispelling misconceptions and encouraging well-informed engagement within the crypto landscape.

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