Tether Participates in $1 Billion Investment to Build the World's Largest Bitcoin Mining Farm in El Salvador

Volcano Energy investment
by Tether | Jun 5 2023

5 JUNE, 2023Tether, the company operating the fintech platform tether.to that powers the first and most widely used stablecoin in the world, announced today that it has participated in the first round of a new billion dollar renewable energy initiative in El Salvador. Following on its mission to invest in renewable energy sources to support and promote sustainable Bitcoin mining, Tether will provide capital and bring its domain expertise in energy, hardware, and communications to build “Volcano Energy”, a 241 MW renewable energy generation park in Metapán. By integrating solar and wind projects within the volcanic region, Tether aims to play a key role in paving the way for one of the world's largest Bitcoin Mining Farms. 

In Central America, El Salvador has the highest geothermal energy production. Located in the El Chiste hamlet within the municipality of Metapán, Santa Ana, the site chosen for this development will be divided between 169 MW of photovoltaic solar energy and 72 MW of wind energy. This output will create an initial computation power surpassing 1.3 EH/s (1 EH/s is equivalent to one quintillion hashes per second).

“We are excited to be among the initial pioneers of renewable energy in El Salvador as an equity investor and advisor,” said Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer at Tether. “Volcano Energy represents one of the most ground-breaking and strategic initiatives we are investing in and we look forward to working alongside Josue Lopez and his team to make El Salvador a global force in renewable energy production. This investment continues Tether’s journey in diversifying its strategic ecosystem.” 

The long-term sustainability of the bitcoin network can only be achieved through energy innovation, competitiveness, diversification and geographic expansion. By investing in renewable energy resources around the world, Tether aims to become one of the leading providers and investors in global renewable energy and mining infrastructure. 

“Currently, more than 52% of Bitcoin mining is being done sustainably,” said Josue Lopez, CEO at Volcano Energy. “We believe this percentage will significantly increase in the coming years, through important investments like ours. Not only is “Volcano Energy”  important for the future of Bitcoin resiliency, it’s also an important sign of the new crucial role that El Salvador plays in the global tech environment.” 

“El Salvador has the volcanoes, natural resources, the talent, and now the expertise and support of Tether to be a Bitcoin mining powerhouse. Bitcoin Country will now also be known as Bitcoin mining country,” said Max Keiser, Chairman of Volcano Energy.

To learn more about this and Tether’s other energy initiatives, please visit https://tether.recruitee.com/energy 

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