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Verify an account on Tether

Verification is the process of establishing an account holder’s personal or corporate identity. To use Tether's services after creating an account, you must first complete an account verification process.

How to verify your account on Tether

1. To begin, sign in to your Tether account.

2. Then, go to the Verification page.

3. Following, choose your type of account between Individual and Corporate.

Important: Individual verification is applicable if you intend to use your Tether account for personal purposes, while Corporate verification is available for enterprises and corporations. Note: Before going to the next step of the verification procedure, read all of the requirements thoroughly and check that you have all of the required documents.

4. After determining your eligibility for verification then visit the Deposit page, and follow the on-screen instructions to pay the appropriate verification fee. Important: Before you move forward carefully read our Fees page to check the required verification fee and other related information.

5. Once you've paid the verification fee to one of the created addresses, you'll receive an email confirming that a deposit has been detected on your account. 

6. Finally, you can proceed to complete the verification sections. Once you've submitted them fully, our compliance team will begin reviewing your request. Note: This is a manual process that can take somewhere from a few days to several weeks to complete.

Our team will contact you through email if your verification is successful or if any further information to complete your verification is required.

If you have any questions regarding this process feel free to contact Tether Support

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