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Tether tokens Recoveries

Important: TETHER Token Recoveries are only available to entities that are not prohibited from using Tether services as outlined in our Terms of Service – Section 3

TETHER tokens should be sent only to addresses that explicitly state they support Tether tokens. Transferring a TETHER Token to any other destination could result in a total loss of funds.

TETHER token recovery is the process of returning TETHER tokens mistakenly deposited.  

Note: If TETHER tokens have been transferred to an unsupported (unknown) destination, please contact the receiving party immediately and request their assistance in recovering/returning the funds before contacting Tether. This is occasionally a far more expedient solution.

In specific cases, as determined by Tether in its sole and absolute discretion, Tether may attempt to assist in the recovery of TETHER tokens (depending on the blockchain) that have been transferred to:

  • Contracts that did not properly implement the SafeERC20 library for withdrawals;

  • The Tether Token Operation Contract or similar Operational Contract for a token that does not natively support/offer Tether Token Transfers;

  • A destination that Tether determines to be recoverable.

Important: Any legal issues related to Law Enforcement requests/thefts/hacks/scams/similar should be reported to the Tether Information requests team. 

What are the accepted recovery requests

Recovery requests for amounts exceeding $1000 will be accepted, subject to the following procedures:

  1. Tether will initially evaluate and assess if the recovery is feasible. If after this evaluation, recovery is deemed not to be viable, at Tether’s sole and absolute discretion, the TETHER tokens will not be recovered. This evaluation is final. Important: If it is decided that a recovery will be tried, Tether will attempt a recovery, but a successful outcome is not and cannot be guaranteed.

  2. Tether will charge you a fee of up to 10% of the recovery amount or $1000 (whichever is greater) for the Tether tokens recovery. Note: The fee will be deducted from the recovery amount.

  3. There is no time frame or time limit for any discretionary recovery process to be undertaken by Tether. Due to the complex procedures required it is not uncommon for recovery requests to sometimes take several months.

    1. Note: Please do not contact us; instead, wait for notification. Tether will not have any updates to communicate until the process is completed.

  4. You will have to become a verified user under Tether’s Terms of Service

Required information for recovery

To submit a request for recovery, you will need to contact Tether Support and provide the following information:

  • Transaction ID;

  • Deposit Address;

  • Amount;

  • A complete description of the actions/events leading to the current problem/issue;

  • A complete description of everything you have tried/done to recover the funds so far Note: For transfers to the Tether Operation Contract this can be omitted;

  • We may ask you to provide additional documents as part of the recovery process. Failure to provide such documents may end the recovery process, at Tether’s sole discretion.

Note: While screenshots/pictures may be included to help illustrate the issue, any Address or Transaction ID/hash should be provided as text. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact Tether Support

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