Tether and Omni Further Collaborate To Drive Digital Transformation

 In Announcements

It is with great pleasure that we announce the sponsorship of Omni Core developers to further escalate the potential of the Omni Layer protocol on the Bitcoin network. 

Building on existing efforts to innovative across blockchain protocols, our collaboration with Omni is designed to bring Omni Core up to par with Bitcoin Core 0.18, further accelerating innovation on the protocol. 

Initial work on Omni is centered around optimised performance and cost reductions. Specifically, this includes: 

  • Enhanced support for Segregated Witness transactions;
  • Support for send-to-many transactions;
  • Improved fee estimation for transactions;
  • Enhanced on-chain Decentralized Exchange functionality
  • Further integrations with Lightning and RGB community developers for off-chain asset movements

The announcement from the Omni Foundation and additional updates can be found on the Omni Foundation Blog  http://blog.omni.foundation/2019/07/16/omni-state-of-the-layer/).

The benefits of further collaboration between Tether and Omni extends from the respective organisations to the digital asset space as a whole. We chose Omni as the initial asset issuance platform in 2014 because of its unparalleled capability and reliance on the security of the Bitcoin blockchain hashpower.  The combined innovation enabled by Tether and Omni will enable faster transactions, reduced fees and increased collaboration. To further support developments on the Omni protocol we strongly encourage you to contact support@omni.foundation.

Sponsoring The Decentralised Future

Since our launch in 2014, our unwavering focus has been on the development of an inclusive digital ecosystem built around collaboration and innovation. We are eager to share where possible and increasingly strive to give back to a flourishing industry which has done so much for us. 

In addition to our work on Omni, Ethereum, EOS and Tron, we’re driven to support and empower growing ventures in the blockchain space. With a strong track record and a high-value network, we’re able to support growing ventures across a number of categories, including funding, recruiting, technical developments and go-to market strategies. 

To learn more about how Tether can assist your project, please reach out to us at support@tether.to