Tether for Individuals

A more modern approach to money

Tether is built on innovative blockchain technology, allowing you to take back control of your money

Secure Network

Fast Transactions

Almost Zero Fees

Decentralized System

Your money. Your way

Turn your money into 1-to-1 backed stable currency
and do more with your hard earned cash.

Transact with Currency

Store, send and receive 1-to-1 backed digital currency across tether-integrated exchanges, platforms and wallets.

Fund Your Account

Add value to your exchange accounts and wallets through other tether-enabled wallets.

Reduce Volatility

Convert cash into stable digital currency and hold as USD, EUR or JPY

Send to Others

Transfer stable digital currency to other tether-enabled wallets and exchanges.

Spend cash on a blockchain

Our secure wallet makes it easy for you to transact with digital currency, with  Blockchain benefits.

  • Currency wallets
  • Full transparency of your money
  • Free to send to other Tether.to wallets
  • Make purchases across blockchain networks
  • Cash in your tethers

Using Tether is simple

  • Create Account

  • Add and send currency to and from your wallet

  • Store, send, and receive tethers

Join Tether and take charge of your money today