Tether Responds to Cynical Bounty from Hindenburg Research

This stunt from Hindenburg Research is a pathetic bid for attention while others are making real change and building wealth and results. They are attempting to discredit not just Tether, but an entire movement. Thankfully, everyone sees through their opportunism as bitcoin approaches another all-time high.

This is not the first time Hindenburg Research has orchestrated an apparent scheme in pursuit of profit. Nor will it be the last. Tether abhors and denounces their actions and transparent motives. 

Tether’s history of always honouring our customers’ needs, while navigating developing regulations and industry norms, shows our primary commitment to our stakeholders through trust and innovation.

Tether is a trailblazer, a special breed in business, and we have big visions for the future. Like those that came before us, and those who will come after, we are scrutinized more than others, and especially our peers and competitors, but we understand our role and responsibility and will continue to focus on our customers’ requirements and defending the crypto markets.