Tether tokens (USDt) Launch on DeversiFi’s Layer-2 Bridge

We’re pleased to announce that Tether token (USDt) is the first ERC-20 token to launch on DeversiFi’s first bridge between a centralized (Bitfinex) and Layer-2 (L2) decentralized exchange (DeversiFi).

According to DeversiFi, this L2 bridge will allow USDt holders to make instant and low-cost transfers of USDt (ERC-20), while skipping Layer-1 (L1) Ethereum.

DeversiFi will now not only act as a gas-free L2 decentralized finance (DeFi) hub for USDt holders to obtain access to some of the best opportunities and yields in DeFi, but will also serve as a highway between the Polygon network and Bitfinex.