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Why are transaction on my account temporarily disabled?

In most instances, a temporary disabling of transactions is triggered after making specific security setting changes to your account. This helps protect your funds in the event your account were to be compromised and an attacker is attempting to steal your funds.

For instance, if your email account were to be hacked, the attacker may attempt to execute a password reset for your Tether account. Because the attacker would be able to confirm the password reset via the link sent via email, if no hold were to be triggered, the attacker would be able to compromise your account after executing the password reset.

The five-day hold period will allow the legitimate account owner to detect the security breach and alert Tether.

The most common triggers of a withdrawal hold are:

  • Password resets
  • Changing your 2FA device setup
  • Requesting a security change through support (2FA reset / email address change)

While transactions are temporarily disabled on your account no acquire or redeems can be submitted and any previously submitted will be placed on hold.

Account holders that are KYC verified can request to have the hold lifted before the five days will have passed by contacting support.

Upon verifying your identity the withdrawal hold will be lifted as soon as possible.

Users that are not KYC verified cannot have the five-day withdrawal hold lifted before the five days have passed.